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47 Sue Meyers 2006-06-02 01:16:05 Buddina AUS
48 Sheridan Genrich 2006-06-02 01:35:41 Sydney AUS
49 Tane Dalzell 2006-06-02 01:47:05 New South Wales AUS
50 Ying Zhang 2006-06-02 01:48:59 Box Hill, melbourne AUS
51 Tracy huang 2006-06-02 02:16:53 Meadowbank AUS
52 Ying Kirov 2006-06-02 03:40:56 NSW AUS Strongly support Dr Wigmore's to investigate the Organ Harvesting in China, specially from Fa Lun Gong prisoners.
53 Peatr Wolaeger 2006-06-02 03:56:56 ST. LOUID USA
54 yihua song 2006-06-02 03:58:47 gainesville USA
55 Qin Yi 2006-06-02 04:16:26 Ingleburn, NSW AUS I think we all cannot tolerate these kinds of inhumanity slaughter still happening right now in 21 century. The history must and definitely will bring the CCP to the trial for its evil persecution to the Chinese people in its whole period in power.
56 Jin Chi 2006-06-02 04:25:58 NSW AUS
57 ross lahive 2006-06-02 04:34:01 paterson, nj USA
58 Grant lu 2006-06-02 04:55:08 wiley park NSW AUS the Unethical Human Organ Harvesting in China must stop immediately
59 Jerry Jin 2006-06-02 04:56:01 wattle grove AUS Chinese government has to stop this inhumanity practice and make sure never happen again.
60 Sandra Hattingh 2006-06-02 06:40:41 NSW AUS
61 David Rubacek 2006-06-02 07:13:13 peakurst AUS
62 Hamish Oliver Perrett 2006-06-02 07:40:34 Brisbane Queensland AUS This is inhumane and unconscionable. Let us all work to stop this!
63 Vasil Thodori 2006-06-02 08:44:46 sydney NSW AUS pleas helpin to stop the evil chinese communist parti harvesting organs of livs Falun Gong practitioner
64 Tao Peng 2006-06-02 09:09:35 Wiley Park NSW AUS I hope all people around world know the truth of human organ harvesting in China and everyone say no more CCP around world.
65 Tina Liliengren 2006-06-02 09:09:36 Laholm SWE
66 Ling Yun Wang 2006-06-02 09:15:37 Riverwood AUS
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