Unethical Human Organ Harvesting in China Petition

I (we), the undersigned, hereby condemn as unethical any activity that transgresses an individual's human rights in relation to being an organ donor in China.

I (we) also have concerns about:

* the alleged use of organs from executed prisoners without consent
* allegations of systematic organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners who are detained as prisoners of conscience
* the reported easily obtainable organs in China and speedy cross matching which implies pre-selection of prisoners for organ harvesting

I (we) condemn any such practices unreservedly.

I (we) call for urgent, open and independent investigation into all prisons, detention centres, labour camps and related hospitals by the United Nations, World Health Organisation and other relevant international organisations without the Chinese Communist regime's sanctions on information.

All signed statements will be compiled and sent to the United Nations, World Health Organisation and relevant international organisations.

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